saw sharpening


The Tool Shed in Grass Valley offers blade sharpening service to all our customers. Items for blade sharpening are picked up and dropped off every thursday. Our sharpening is performed by Daniel Frazer of ABC Sharpening. If you have any questions about sharpening call The Tool Shed at 530-477-1185


 The Tool Shed offers Sharpening for the following items.

Circular Saw Blade sharpening

Router Bit sharpening

Dado Blade sharpening

Drill Bit sharpening

Hole Saw sharpening

Chain Saw Blade sharpening

Wood Chisel sharpening

Wood carving tool sharpening

Lawn mower blade sharpening

Hand Saw sharpening

Forstener Bit sharpening

Auger Bit sharpening

Garden Tool sharpening

Knive sharpening

Scissor sharpening

Shear sharpening

Shovels and Hoe sharpening

Axe sharpening




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